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What I'm about to say, may fall on deaf ears...
...but if you are tired of Loot Boxes, please read this note I made here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/repentant...670522407/

If you agree with what I have to say, feel free to share the hashtag #BoycottCrateOpenings 

The point of that tag, is not to financially harm Youtubers, but rather to make a point about stopping the idea of loot boxes being tied to progression in a game.
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Yea.. I'm done buying EA games.
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Screw EA and their games. They're ain't getting a buck out of me.
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Don't misunderstand, EA was catalyst for the hashtag, and that note, or rather perhaps it's better to say there were the final straw, but Ubisoft, Take Two, Activision and others didn't help things along either. That note I posted is about how we as fans of Youtubers have helped make crate openings a successful video to make time and again, which encourages companies to put them into their games, because of the money Youtubers spend on said loot boxes. EA might be the biggest problem in people's eyes now, but they are far from the only problem.
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