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Pending Reports List
About 3 years ago when I started becoming a VGFacts Contributor myself, a time came where we could view our submissions that've been waiting to published. It was a good addition, allowing said it helps us remember what Pending Submissions we have awaiting, in addition to the fact that it allows us to make adjustments to help it become more approvable, as well as cancelling them if they don't seem worth it enough.

One thing though that we can't keep track of is the Reports we made to Submissions, so sometime there should be a way to view our Pending Reports, of which can help us rephrase them if necessary and know what we reported upon, as well as withdraw them if need be. Over the past few months I made some reports myself to some submissions myself, such as with putting in something that could be a banner for a page that doesn't yet have it following a suggestion from another Forum Post in the Site Discussion, none of which have been viewed of just yet. Only staff member using VGFacts in these past few months has been KnowledgeBase, but he doesn't so much approve our submissions and view our reports that often, more so taking care of his own submissions. If I could view my own pending reports, I could see for myself which banners might not be approved following what Petie stated bout the requirements (930px in regards to their size, I can't even remember right now all those images that I reported in to be possible banners), thus I could find a way to adjust their size to make them more approvable.
This feature really isn't necessary as reports would generally be handled pretty quickly. There are just so many of them stacked up right now that they've kind of fallen behind as a whole.

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