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Rayman 3 (Handheld) Differences
The Nokia N-GAGE version of Rayman 3 is a port of the Gameboy Advance version with differences between the two:

The levels, Swamp of Begoniax 1 & 2 and Magma Mayhem 1 & 2 in the GBA version were removed and replaced with Ascension, Free Falling, Ly's Punch Challenge 1 and Falling Down in the N-GAGE version. 

Swamp of Begoniax 1 from the GBA version:

Replaced by Ascension from the N-GAGE version:

Swamp of Begoniax 2 from Rayman 3 GBA:

Replaced by Free Falling in the N-GAGE version: (Skip to 0:17)

Magma Mayhem 1 from Rayman 3 GBA: (Skip to 0:39 seconds)

 Swapped for Ly's Punch Challenge 1 in the N-GAGE version: (Skip to 1:32)

Magma Mayhem 2 in Rayman 3 GBA: 

Replaced by Falling Down in the N-Gage: (Skip to 1:04:15)

Note: Ly's Punch Challenge 1 is included in the GBA version, but it's an optional unlockable level for the multiplayer mode. The N-Gage port now requires the player to play this level in order to advance further in the game. There are also differences in the music with the N-Gage having a lesser quality than the GBA. Sound effects were also changed such as jumping and Rayman's fist winding up.

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