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Melee Website trivia
The FAQ section of Melee's website contains some interesting tidbits.

Under the question "What do I do in Home Run Contest?" It states that "Captain Falcon, Zelda and Sheik cannot use the bat. With Falcon, use the Falcon Punch (Press B Button to charge, again to punch). With Sheik, use a side Smash Attack."

There are two things wrong with this statement:
1) Zelda can use the Home Run Bat normally, as seen here in this video at 1:22.

2) Falcon Punch is used by hitting the B button once, not twice.

After EGM's April 2002 issue, which jokingly stated Sonic and Tails were in Melee, the question "Are Sonic and Knuckles in the game?" was added to the FAQ section.

Archive from June 28th, 2002.

Archive from February 12, 2002. Note the question is not there.

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