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Enter the Gungeon references to other games
Enter the Gungeon references some other games. I'll edit and add depending on what else I find.

The Legend of Zelda is referenced by several things:
-One of the bosses is a snake that resembles the snake fought in the Tower of Hera in A Link to the Past (11:10)
-The player encounters another character who is injured and gives the player his sword, much like when Link is given a sword by his uncle in A Link to the Past. (starts at 50:52)
-The design in the floor at many entrances to boss battles are very similar to the entrances to bosses in A Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (one example at 21:50).
-The entrance to fight Agahnim (51:49) resembles the throne room in Hyrule Castle in A Link to the Past.
-Before encountering Agahnim and Cannon, the player must fight enemies that resemble and attack similar to the Ball and Chain Troopers in the Legend of Zelda series, especially A Link to the Past. (51:34)
-Agahnim and Gannon, named Cannon in Enter the Gungeon, are both referenced with similarity in character design, environments the bosses are fought in, and attacks from both bosses. (starts at 52:12)
-After Cannon is defeated, the player then stabs Cannon in the head, possibly a reference to Link stabbing Gannon in the head in Ocarina of Time and Windwaker. (56:25)
-After Cannon is defeated, the player is shown standing on a tree stump, surrounded by other characters and the player is awarded the chicken flute; this scene is a reference to the boy playing the flute in a grove near Kakariko Village while surrounded by animals in A Link to the Past. (56:42)
-After Cannon is defeated and a cutscene plays, a book opens that has a picture of the player standing in front of the pedestal that Link obtains the Triforce in A Link to the Past. (57:06)

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