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Mandalay Bay Shooting

This is so horrible. 20 or more dead, 100 plus injured, and we don't know why, though police think it wasn't related to a terrorist group, that's hardly any solace fpr the situation.

The Death count has increased to 50. This is one of, if not the deadliest shooting ever in US history.
I'm bothered by this. Him for doing something idiotic and having no actual reason for doing this. Far as I can tell this guy just snapped one day without any reason. I just hope there's some answer to this reasoning.
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(10-03-2017, 11:52 PM)Melcadrien Wrote: I'm bothered by this.  Him for doing something idiotic and having no actual reason for doing this.  Far as I can tell this guy just snapped one day without any reason.  I just hope there's some answer to this reasoning.

Hopefully his girlfriend will be able to shed some light on why he might have done it. I mean, as many weapons as the guy he had, this was clearly planned over a long period of time. You don't just buy double digits in weapons and possible modifications for them one afternoon and go shoot up a random concert when they arrive. He must have known when that concert was happening and for that matter, he probably loaded several guns with magazines in order to kill and hurt so many people as quickly as he did. This could have been planned for weeks to even months in advance when tickets for that concert went on sale.
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This fellow was sadly an example of how impossible it is to try to profile violent people. Multi-Millionaire, no belief in God, no criminal background, in his 60s, etc.

Which means the debate just squarely has to turn to "Why on Earth was he able to get so many guns?". Even if what he used was illegal modifications, it's still mind boggling that he had so many. The fact that so many of them mostly came from gun shows and not dealers means that there isn't a paper trail for police to even follow and know where he had gotten them all.

But, what is even more shocking to think about is just how many people died, and every single person had a life just as rich and complicated as your own personal life. There is the story of a family that was on vacation at the concert with their 6 year old daughter. Now Dad has to bring their little girl back home without Mom. We have a story of a young man from Canada dying as a complete stranger held his hand because she didn't want his last moments to be alone. When you think of it in these ways, it is simply impossible to truly wrap your head around. That's just 2 of the 59 stories and people we lost.
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The shooter's girlfriend just returned from the Phillipines, from what I heard on the radio this morning, and is being questioned.
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