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HFTF trivia
All Japanese voice lines were removed in the Asian (Non-Japanese) versions of the Capcom-developed JoJo fighter and it's Heritage For the Future update, leaving behind only the noises and the "Engrish".


The reasoning behind this was that South Korea along with the rest of Asia were really pissed at Japan post-ww2 after their brutal treatment under the empire. As such, Korea banned all Japanese imports all the way until around the 1990's in order to preserve South Korea's "national identity" that was heavily censored while annexed by Japan. As a result, anything inherently Japanese was removed from all media. This still continues even today as it is currently illegal to broadcast Japanese music and television dramas on South Korean television.

More info:
http://english.donga.com/List/3/all/26/400707/1 (Korean)
https://www.iist.or.jp/wf/magazine/0241/0241_E.html (Korean)
https://translate.google.com/translate?s...tem/228425 (Korean)
https://translate.google.com/translate?s...05803.html (Korean)

I have yet to find some reliable source on the east asian side. Will do that later.
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The American back cover of the Dreamcast version of this game mentions the Super Story mode... even though that mode was exclusive to the PlayStation port. This could be because both games shared the same back cover.

[Image: 5fcca54375cc.jpg]


More info regarding the Super Story Mode:
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Shooting Up and Down while the player is using Hol Hore (w/Boingo) will cause a glitch that creates a multi-hit floating Boingo trap. The Boingo trap stays in the air until the opponet touches it, and deals 10 hits in total.

A couple of video showcasing the glitch.

I already had this trivia on pending for a while now, I just wanted to leave it here since I wanted to use a different source.
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