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Flat vroom
First of all, I want to give some shoutouts to the "Street Fighter story crew" at the SRK forums for finding this out.

During Abigail's character story, Juri mistakes the onomatopoeic sounds of a car engine for the word ブス (busu; "ugly"). Because this pun has no meaning in English, this line of dialogue was changed to Abigail talking about feeling like a flat tire, only so that Juri would mistake this for being called.. well, flat.

The character story in Japanese (start watching at 1:42):

[Image: rVGwLYl.jpg]

Juri: "Wha?! Did you just call me 'ugly'?" - Translation done by Miðgarðsorm.

The english version of the character story (start watching at 2:50):

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