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Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 - holiday easter eggs
changing the calendar's date on the Dreamcast's internal clock may yield interesting results:

if you change the date to New Years Day (01/01/XXXX) while playing as Joey T., he will wear diapers with a Happy New Years ribbon.

setting the date to St. Patrick's Day (3/17/XXXX), the boxing ring turns green decorated with four-leaf clovers along with the words "Happy St. Patrick's Day", and the referee is dressed as a leprechaun.

4th of July (07/04/XXXX) gives G. C. Thunder an Uncle Sam costume.

Halloween (10/31/XXXX) J. R. Flurry dons a skeleton costume with the ring being decorated with skeletons with the words "Happy Halloween".

Christmas Day (12/25/XXXX) Selene Strike wears an elf costume as well as Rumble Man becoming a giant snowman. The ring will also have a snowman design.

Easter (04/23/XXXX) Mama Tua wears an Bunny costume along with the ring being decorated with Easter Eggs with the words "Happy Easter!" 

Valentine's Day (02/14/XXXX) Lulu Valentine sports a sexy lingerie costume along with the ring being decorated with roses with the words "Happy Valentine's Day"

Mama Tua's Bunny Costume:

Lulu Valentine's Lingerie Costume:

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