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Super Mario Run's Substitute Toad
Though playable, Peach is still a Damsel in Distress in Super Mario Run, and Toadette is a referee during Toad Rally. But if you play as Peach during the Final Level or as Toadette during Toad Rallies, Toad will take their place, similar to how Alfonzo takes Toon Link's place driving the Spirit Train in the 3DS Version of Smash 4 when Toon Link's in battle.

Here's what the Final Level looks like as Princess Peach, Toad takes her place as Damsel in Distress.
[Image: Super_Mario_Run_0065.jpg]
Here's what it would normally look like.

If you play as Toadette during a Toad Rally, Toad takes her place as referee.
[Image: super-mario-run-social-toad-rally-add-friends-8.png]
Here's what it would normally look like.

These Video Game Characters can't be in 2 places at once you know.
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