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Akuma teaser
It seems that every since the SF3 era, Capcom started introducing Akuma's new super moves for future games in his endings:

1.He uses Kongou Kokuretsuzan in his Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact ending, and it first becomes usable in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. 

The ending (star watching at 4:13):

The super move:
[Image: akuma-ragingstorm.gif]
2. In his 3rd Strike ending, he is shown using a technique called "Tenshou Kaireki Jin" (天衝海轢刃, "Heaven Piercing Sea Plowing Blade"). Said technique later appeared in Super Street Fighter IV as Demon Armageddon.

The ending:

The super move:

3.His Super Street Fighter IV ending has him using Sekia Kuretsuha, which later became his super move in Street Fighter V.

The ending:

The super move (star watching at 7:52):

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