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Spunko's Cartooney Pictures
I was under the influence by my friend to try to rejoin this site. Here is my selective series of work. Some are done in Sketchbook Pro then inked and colored in Photoshop. Some were inked traditionally with either double sided brush pens or Papermate flair pens, then colored in Photoshop. And others were done by my recent iPad Pro on Procreate. And some are done in Storyboard Pro. Any critique would be appreciated.

Also, for anyone's conveinence, I'm currently working on a web channel entitled Funbox featuring some original and fan-animations. Some art I'm posting here include characters from said animations. I worked with a numerous amounts of actors, some are top in their field and am greateful to make this dream a reality. I'm also working on a comic series called Kaiju Believe which is pretty much my answer to the monster-catching genre of Pokemon with a dash of .hack// and fairy tales. The comic can be found in Tapastic.com and Webtoons.com.

Anyway, here's some of my art:
[Image: kaiju_believe___chase_catsup_by_pencilord-d9yu84c.png]
Chase Catsup, the main star of Kaiju Believe. There's no rhyme and reason for anything he does. He tends to act random at times. Also, he's King Arthur's descendant. He loves eating mayonnaise sandwiches, listens to weird polka and enjoys pickle critiquing. His Kaijewel is Buzz Bunny.

[Image: kaiju_believe__crossfirefox_by_pencilord-da1fouo.png]
Crossfire Fox, a recurring character in the comic. A Pyropandor (Kaijewel species) with an appetite for blowing things up. He was inspired by Rockoon from TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise. I received great advice from Deven Mack, Rockoon's voice actor and writer, on how to make the character better. He even contributed to an issue idea, and I commissioned Chris Niosi (creator of TOME and voice of Kirbopher/Zetto) to draw both Rocky and Cross. I was also the first and last commissioner of that stream. His twitter post of it can be found here: https://twitter.com/Kirbopher/status/797539247263600641

[Image: ok_ko______by_pencilord-d9r4rsk.png]
KO from Cartoon Network's OK KO!, which was printed by creator Ian Jones-Quartey and posted in his fan art wall at his office. See if you can find it: http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing...0290055579

Fun Fact: Chase was originally suppose to be a Kid Goku rip off character named Kung for an entirely different pitch but after the upfront on OK KO!'s release, it was scrapped all together.

[Image: zooky_arguing_by_pencilord-d9gh4e9.png]
A really old pic of mine from two years ago; Sam and Zooky; stars of my FunBox short, Pair of Pains. Back then, originally named Patriot Pals, they were humans before Sam became a cat and Zooky was a dog. Sam is voiced by Vic Mignogna (Broly on DBZ / Edward Elric on FMA) and Zooky is voiced by Nick Afanasiev aka Tongue Boy.

[Image: tyrone_of_ownage_pranks_by_pencilord-d9o4b4s.png]
Tyrone of Ownage Pranks. A fun fact is that I forgot to change the dpi to 300 so I kinda inked him when he was in 100 so it looks ugly.

But Ownage himself didn't mind. He later used him, and my Rakesh design, for a JumpCut Academy promo he did which is no longer available.

[Image: kirby_buckets_drawings_1_by_pencilord-d9lz3fp.png]
I remembered this Disney XD show, Kirby Buckets. It had potential if it stuck to the focus on the episode where Kirby had a magic pen that makes his art come to life. But it had to choose the Lizzy McGuire route. I didn't care for the third season because it killed (literally) the drawings in the first episode and primary focused on the live cast in alternative dimensions. It completely broke the realistic reality of the series. But here's some of the characters I drew. I even had the opportunity to interview voice artist Dean Julien who was Macho Taco, Dr. Gut Punch and Zip Zap among others.

[Image: mighty_magiswords_premieres_sept__29__by...aeasyy.png]
A promo image I did in celebration of Mighty Magiswords announcement on it's TV debut. Drawn on Storyboard Pro and colored in Photoshop.

[Image: steven_universe_x_funbox_promo___what_s_...adwrk6.jpg]
Back when I was in deviantArt, I frequently did these sketches on Storyboard Pro based on those promo art from Steven Universe. In these, I crossed over the series with my selective FunBox characters. Here's Jasper sitting with Roy Sherwood (from my upcoming OAV Pink Roy; voice of Antoine Dodson) who is eating soba noodles.

[Image: i_made_beach_city_normal_redux_by_pencilord-dab9gcu.png]
Also back in DA, I did this pic of an alternative reality of Steven Universe where there is a normal Beach City. No Diamond Authority. No Gem War. No Cluster. No Kindergarten (Prime or Beta). No Human Zoo. No Rebellion. Nothin. Diamond/Crystal Gems lived in harmony with the humans. So, I did a revision of that pic with updated designs in order to get a close remembrance of the characters today. For example, originally Peridot was taller with her mechanic implants because back when, when I made the original, it was before she became a Crystal Gem.

Disclaimer: NO! The BFF shirts on Ruby and Sapphire does not symbolize that they are on an anti-platonic relationship and that I am against LGBT or lesbian relationships. Fusions have no change from different realities so while Garnet remains the same, the difference between Ruby and Sapphire from the original and normal dimension is that they rarely fuse. They are still in love. The shirts were a poke fun of CN's censorship of their relationship.

[Image: morbidia_in_bikini_by_pencilord-dai3zd4.png]
For Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson's Cutie Saturday, here's Morbidia from Mighty Magiswords in a bikini. Fun fact is that Arin himself voices Morbidia's partner and friend, Gateaux, amung other characters in the series.

[Image: in_memory_of_c__martin_croker_by_pencilord-dai8cfs.png]
A memorial to C. Martin Croker (animator / voice of Zorak) who passed away. Here's his characters that he played on Adult Swim: Moltar, Zorak, Young Man, Dr. Weird and Steve.

[Image: tumblr_okog7a8ttA1tugkj0o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_okog7a8ttA1tugkj0o3_1280.jpg]
Meet Diva Dynomite and her expressions. She is the hyperactive superdiva in my upcoming FunBox short of the same name. She was inspired by Anneva and Foreva from TOME, Haruko Haruharu from FLCL, Koto and Juri from Yu Yu Hakusho, Nekoneko from Parody Rangers, Radical Edward from Cowboy Bebop and others. Jackie Florian of 9.18 the Fan voices her. She previously played Anneva in TOME. I even commissioned Chris Niosi to draw her on his birthday. She can be found here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1Qqmn1WQAQXo_i.png

[Image: tumblr_om4dopJ1I01tugkj0o4_1280.png]
Vambre from Mighty Magiswords dressed as a cat. I used Nekoneko from Parody Rangers as reference. I always see her do that face in some epps. I don't know if it's Luke Ski's or Ken Mitchroneys doing.

Also check out this comic I did featuring a giant baby Vambre: http://img09.deviantart.net/af52/i/2016/...ah3u04.png

[Image: tumblr_olxxx6QdUj1tugkj0o1_1280.png]
A series of expressions I did for my character Rapid Rodent, who is also appearing in a FunBox short. I am actually currently deciding on the final voice of this character. I won't reveal the actor in particular who I might see as the final choice, but I wouldn't necessarily call him an unknown. However, I did recently record Chris Niosi for the character Doctor Dreary in the same short.

[Image: 8VysDrD.png]
And lastly, here's TN-Ted; the sad, pathetic clown character who will be the recurring butt of the joke in Kaiju Believe. I based him off of Melvin from Ralph Bakshi's Malcom and Melvin with the influence of Grover from Sesame Street. The recurring skit would be that he would be a waiter or conceirge at a dining establishment ala "Waiter Grover" such as the recurring Charlie's restaurant and his frequent character would be my Cloud Strife-influenced character in the comic, Strifyus. Strifyus would often suffer from TN-Ted's shenanigans and hot headed ness and other times it's the other way around where Strifyus causes the problems on his own.

Thank you and tell me what you think.
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[Image: qb28hLi.jpg]
What do you get when you cross Sean Schemmel, a bunch of unfunny jokes and bad puppetry? This image.

I know it's an old show but hey. Comments on my design?
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I remember many of the pics in your first post when you joined under a different name. Glad to see you are still doing your thing. I'll have to loose up references in the post above.
[Image: I1XHd2G.jpg]
[Image: t4Ox2aX.jpg][Image: FVsjqh3.jpg][Image: dLf2shK.jpg][Image: zJb6tFK.jpg]
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(04-27-2017, 05:05 AM)Kakariko Kid Wrote: I remember many of the pics in your first post when you joined under a different name. Glad to see you are still doing your thing. I'll have to loose up references in the post above.

Thanks. I wanted to make a fresh new start after some unfortunate incidents that left me to abandon this site. But I was influenced to give it a go. I also decided to give myself a new name that best fits by directive.

Any comments on some of my images? Most of these were not from my original post.
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[Image: csVSP3H.jpg]
Ya know, Family Guy had some weird spin-offs/related shows like Cleveland Show and American Dad. But what if Mayor Adam West got his own cartoon show; un related to Batman? SO I created this piece. In my concept, Adam West is a millionaire enthusiast like Bruce Wayne of West Coast Enterprises and he works undercover for an international/intergalactic police organization. His sidekicks include the power-house, hyperactive intern/Japanese bodyguard Robyn and the young, techno wiz sidekick Burt.

Robyn is a play on Robin as you know but she's more of the Katana of the group. Originally, I wanted her to be a mute or her a non-English talker but I decided to let her express her morbidic humor out loud. Burt is a homage to both Burt Ward and his Robin role. To further emphasis the Robin gimmick, I made his regular clothes color match Robin's uniform. Also since Robin, like Batman, relies on gadgets, give him a high tech watch that provides him with the gadgets he needs.

So what do you guys think? Are you up for an Adam West cartoon?
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[Image: magiswords___real_housewives_of_rhybofla...ak1lzf.jpg]A tribute to the Real Housewives featuring the ladies from Mighty Magiswords. Coincidentially, TVsKyle did art for a Real Housewives of Studio City play.
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I'm back here are some new artwork.

[Image: tumblr_ot0gec4uXS1tugkj0o4_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ot0gec4uXS1tugkj0o3_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ot0gec4uXS1tugkj0o2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_ot0gec4uXS1tugkj0o1_1280.jpg]
Excited about OK KO! Let's Be Heroes on Cartoon Network? Well, the man who voiced these guys (Nick Army, Neil, Pird and Ernesto) are voiced by animator and voice artist extraordinaire Chris Niosi (whom I explained earlier in another post). Niosi was also the creator of a web series known as TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise. It's basically .hack// meets YGO Abridged but it has a more serious and comedic twist. Anyway, I figure it'd be fun to turn his characters in OK KO into TOME characters. I used Sniperwheel, a character in TOME, as a reference for Ernesto's TOME design. This was done in Flash.

And their new screen names:
Nick Army - WonArmy
Neil - Armmur
Pird - Flightling
Ernesto - Burnesto

[Image: tumblr_ornz2lcleK1tugkj0o2_1280.jpg]
I've grown attached to Alan Ituriel's Villainous that I did a series of expressions for his character, Black Hat. Done in Storyboard Pro. I liked the bottom ones best. Villainous actually inspired me to make my own new pitch.

[Image: tumblr_orivxngtd51tugkj0o1_1280.jpg]
See how I work aged over the years? Can you tell the first one has a Butch Hartman vibe to it? This character,which I drew at age 12, was supposedly a ferret bodyguard. So I made two revisions. One that best matches the original and another one that handles a different direction.

[Image: tumblr_orcnv69lZw1tugkj0o1_1280.png]
Not my best work. A quick tribute to Adam West who passed away that day.

[Image: tumblr_or6yqhJYWq1tugkj0o1_1280.png]
Some KO body expressions I did on Sketchbook Pro.

[Image: tumblr_oqael6eN971tugkj0o1_1280.jpg]
This was made during the final airing of Samurai Jack on adultswim. It's also a reference to how Lupin the III will take the show's place.

And who wants to see an animation?

Andrew Dickman was having an animation collab to do a remake of the Super Mario World episode "Mama Luigi" (with memory of Tony Rosato; voice of Luigi who passed). The episode was split into scenes and each animator, who requested to participate (combine with art reference) was in charge of animating the entire scene with no added sfx or seconds. Had to be an exact length. The good perk was the creative freedom we get to take it in any direction we want, so long as it follows the same perspective as the scene. For example, if someone got a scene of Yoshi eating a fireball. They have to draw Yoshi eating the ball but they can make Yoshi eat it madly or something else. 

Anyway, I was one of the people who participated amung hundereds of animators. My scene was when Mario knocked off by the football koopas. I decided it would be funnier if he hit himself upon the koopas arrival. The animation was done entirely in Flash but Mario and the koopas were drawn by hand then colored, vectorized and animated in Flash. The video is an HD remake of an old video I had and a short process on how it was done. Can you guess the cameos?

Whew. That was a lot for today.
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[Image: tumblr_orvietT15b1tugkj0o1_1280.jpg]
Forgot I had this. A brush pen sketch of Enid, Red Action and Drupe having a tea party and KO and Rad found out. Enid layed down the law for those too. Every hero needs a break once in a while.
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[Image: tumblr_oumw47wvod1tugkj0o1_1280.png]
An OK KO fan pic. This is Pird with his new companion, Plizard. Plizard is very observant and has an affliction to touch things. I don’t know much about her. She’s probably one of Gladys’ kids or was a premature lizard who fled a science lab. Can you guess what she resembles? I’ll never tell!
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Da fuq? First, someone stole my art and now, my account got deleted. What the fuck just happened?
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Three accounts all shared the same IP address and were seemingly involved in some spam that happened recently. I merged the three accounts into the most recently created one. If this was done in error (e.g. you're friends or family members in the same house), I apologize for the mixup. I can merge the JacqueStrap account into your new account (since there was only one or two posts before) if you'd like to reclaim your threads and posts.
(08-16-2017, 09:28 PM)Petie Wrote: Three accounts all shared the same IP address and were seemingly involved in some spam that happened recently. I merged the three accounts into the most recently created one. If this was done in error (e.g. you're friends or family members in the same house), I apologize for the mixup. I can merge the JacqueStrap account into your new account (since there was only one or two posts before) if you'd like to reclaim your threads and posts.

I prefer to merge the data from JacqueStrap (my forums with my art) into this new account. I do not want to be associated as JacqueStrap. I am YT Spunko and nothing more please.
Done. Feel free to delete any of the posts that aren't yours (or PM me if there are any you can't delete). Sorry for the mixup.
Thank you. But please get rid of this thread: https://www.vgfacts.com/forums/thread-3935.html or replace the user with JacqueStrap.

This is not my work.
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