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Tequila, Tequila, Tequila!
You weren't expecting a Metal Slug thread, were you? And if you did then well done, you truly have earned your Metal Slug badge of honor, since not many people actually know about the elusive character in the series called Tequila. Truth be told, I've been putting off making this thread because I knew that this specific trivia would require a lot of show-and-tell, more than a simple mention on a wiki page. I know I could have just made a simple video showing the game's character screen and whatnot but I don't want to saturate my YT page making random videos showing stuff only relevant to a single trivia on another site. Now, about that Tequila...

His existence in itself isn't the trivia here, he just happened to be a playable character in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. What is interesting, however, is that he is literally the only character in the plethora of playable characters this series has had who does not make an appearance of any kind in Metal Slug Defense. The game is a tactical, side scrolling tower defense game which incorporates characters, vehicles and units from all over the franchise.

Just for kicks, here's the entire list of characters who have ever been playable in the series: A couple of extra notes to make: Now that I've listed literally every playable character in the series I can actually get to the thing. What am I doing with my life...

Metal Slug Defense does not include nearly every enemy type, villain and vehicle that has appeared in the series but I think only the playable characters are important in this case, really. I only added the supporting cast for the main characters' side because they did include everyone from there (only missing Regular Army Cadet, who I deem inconsequential since they are technically only background characters).

So, as you can see, there is a very long list of playable characters, and out of all of them for one reason or the other, Tequila is the only character dismissed from appearing in Defense. He appeared in the same game as Red Eye and Gimlet, yet both of them do appear in the Defense.

In the attachment file you can see the Metal Slug Defense profile pictures of all the characters listed above, taken from The Spriter's Resource. The only characters out of the ones mentioned in this thread that do not have profile pictures are Rootmars and the three Rebel Army soldiers. I added their unit icons in the attachments as well.

Just for good measure, here is a complete unit list from the game, taken from here.

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