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Mario Superstar Baseball refrences Wario's unofficial origin story
According to a section of Wario's MVP bio, he claims that he Mario were actually childhood friends.

[Image: bUJ2oDz.png]

This seems to be a nod to the comic "Mario vs. Wario" which appeared in Nintendo Power magazine to promote Super Mario Land 2 for the Gameboy.  In that comic, Wario is revealed to be Mario's childhood friend, who always ended up getting accidently hurt whenever he hung around him. Thus caused Wario to grow bitter towards Mario and thus become his enemy/rival.

[Image: 6051625373_20313cceaa_b.jpg]

This backstory is never mentioned in any official Nintendo game and it is thus considered to be non-cannon. (Hence the bio stating that Wario's claims are "unconfirmed.")

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