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Suikoden 2 Fan Theory- The Missing Silverberg
Suikoden is the name of an RPG series developed and published by Konami.  Spanning five games, the series has become a respected name in the genre of RPGs.   The second game, Suikoden 2, has become arguably the best game in the lineup and is considered a hidden gem in the PS1 library.  With the last game in the main series being released far back in 2006, along with no sign of interest in the property from Konami ( You can please insert any Konami rants in the comments below), the fans have taken there time looking into the vast lore that the games have provided for the world thus far.  I am aware of taking theories with a grain of salt, but one stood out as an interesting " what if" to look into.  It pertains to the Silverberg family, and a missing member who possibly appears in Suikoden 2.
  Here's a quick summary of the theory's relevance in the Suikoden canon.  The Silverbergs are a family that are filled with gifted tacticians and military leaders, and throughout each of the games, have taken integral roles in wars.  There is one Silverberg that is briefly mentioned in the first Suikoden, the younger brother of Mathiu and Odessa, however he is specified to have disappeared mysteriously.  Suspected to be alive, the character in question that is  the missing heir is hinted to be one of Suikoden II's roster; the man  Rikimaru, a wandering swordsman.

The link below leads to a Suikoden fan site called Suikox, or as it says its short for, Suikoden Ugly and Illegal Karma Omniscient Xperience ( Yeah, I don't get title).  Granted, being a fan site, the grammar and presentation are lacking to put into nice terms, yet there is enough evidence/ connections made to tie Rikimaru to the Silverbergs that makes it an interesting theory.  Check it out for yourselves.

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Update: Looked into it more, evidence for this appears to be fake.
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