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How long can it take for a pending submission to be approved?
Because I posted 3 submissions back in July, and none of them have been approved or denied.
The place is run by volunteers and is somewhat understaffed, sharing labor with The VG Resource. It all depends.
It could take a while. I have some from December 2015 pending. We have another member who has asked the same thing you did. A lot. It's all good.

The Admins deal with sister sites while doing DYKG videos, Twitter, etc. (one Admin is in the process of moving). I was actually discussing with another member how much they watch over at VG Resource. Over here, it's a little laid back.

Welcome to VGFACTS. Feel free to join in on the forums and hang out with us. If you have any more questions, or need assistance, ask away.
The official answer is "eventually" - we're (being Dazz and me) in the midst of some huge projects that need to get done before we can devote any significant time over here. Anything that does get done here will be done by said volunteers of which there are not many and who do not have a ton of time themselves.

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