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Skipper & Skeeto: The Shadow of Mr. Shade references
So I was watching a stream of a guy playing this game (I plead you, don't question my choices) and thought this would make a good trivia. Then I realize that there is literally nothing about this online, which is something I'm not too surprised about, so here I am, having to make this thread to point out the things.

There are a bunch of sci-fi references in this game, and considering it's a 2006 game aimed towards children between 6-10 years (according to the package) all these references were most likely made just to entertain the developers themselves, as I don't think they'd actually think anyone old enough to get them would play the game.

So from what I saw there were packages and machines seen in the background labeled at least as HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey), Voight-Kampff (Blade Runner), Shodan (System Shock) & Cyberdyne (Terminator). I only screencapped Shodan and Voight-Kampff, and I really don't feel like rewatching a 5 and a half hour stream (yes, I did watch most of it) to find them again so you'll just have to trust me on this one. I hope I at least have as much credibility here by now. Then again, considering the game here, that's a bit shoddy at the moment.

[Image: refer_zpsm93bapm8.png][Image: shodan_zpswbhcgrr4.png]

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