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Pokemon Go has made Nintendo worth more than Sony

I know we have a Pokemon Go thread, and a gaming news thread, but this is seriously insane. In a fiscal year, the first one of which Nintendo posted profits for in three years, they made less than Sony's PSN total, but now it looks like they are actually going to be able to start taking the number one spot as the most successful gaming company of 2016. That sounds weird to say right? Like technically Nintendo is winning the console wars (strange enough to say) with a mobile game. 

There was a point where I was worried about Nintendo because they are working on the NX so much that they aren't producing a steady line-up of games for the rest of year, but apparently I was worried over nothing because if this article is true, Nintendo is making 2 billion dollars more than Sony. 

Any thoughts on this? Honestly, if it's this good just from one generation of Pokemon, just imagine how popular the game could be if they added in other gens, or allowed you to collect berries of a different kind that could be traded somewhere kind of like pokestops, or at special pokestops in order to make different pokeballs like in gen 2. Hell, imagine how much more popular the game will get when trading is available, or if they allow you to battle one on one against a friend, or even if they have a turn-based combat system. Never mind what the sales of Sun and Moon might look like now that a lot of people are going to get back into Pokemon because of this game, and of course how many newcomers this will bring. Nintendo is about to rock the gaming world of mobile and handheld and console with a very simple idea gone hugely successful.
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