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Kaiju Believe Characters
I'm currently doing a weekly web comic strip on Webtoons.com called Kaiju Believe. It's basically a whole Pokemon-esque "monster collecting" genre battle with a mix of .hack//, Megaman and more. So far, I'm focusing more on the video game-esque style on the story but after time comes by, I want to focus on the Kaijus again.

Here are some characters that I'm quite proud of:
[Image: kaiju_believe___chase_catsup_by_pencilord-d9yu84c.png]
Chase Catsup - The human protagonist, a 15-year old Arab American boy who is the biggest nerd you've ever seen. He spends his allownaces and his paycheques on video game releases and outright geeky things such as a polka festival or a pickle tasting smorgasboard. But, he's willing to use his Kaijewel to protect the innocent. KB actually evolved from a failed internet pitch called "Eon Chef", which was a pre-cursor to Kaiju Believe, but it didn't fit the demograph for the studio that I was pitching too. So, as suggested by my friend, I aged the character and made the idea to a web comic with full creative control.

[Image: kaiju_believe__crossfirefox_by_pencilord-da1fouo.png]
Crossfire Fox - A Pyropandor Kaijewel who was formerly owned by Chase's nemesis Brad Starlight and currently owned by Jazz; the descendant of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Crossfire is part of an unknown organization with an unknown purpose, but enjoys cracking jokes and causing mischief all around the Kaiju Netzone. The influence of this little guy was a mix of Daffy Duck, Chris Tucker, Meowth and Yakko but his biggest inspiration was the character, Rockoon, from Christopher Niosi's Terrain of Magical Expertise, who is a 5-way tie of my favorite character on the show. I liked the character so much that a couple of days ago, I made 3 issues released in the same day based on Cross. Deven Mack, who voiced Rockoon, not only favored the pic of Cross and said he liked it but actually enjoyed the fact that while I based Cross on Rocky, I implanted several of my own original ideas that made the character special. He even gave me an idea for a potential future issue. I am forever greatful for that.

[Image: kaiju_believe__shecky_by_pencilord-da5tqan.png]
Shecky - A furry girl from Vietnam who is a frequent Kaijewel meister. She has an aggressive temper and side and often wants to fight people even though sometimes she loses, or she gets overbored. Despite this, she suffers from infantilism as she still wears diapers and drinks powdered milk from a bottle. She was created years prior to KB for my recently-developing web channel for a short that poked fun of the fursona genre. That sort of fell through. But my friend dug her up and I modeled her new form after Granda from TOME. Most of her personality is also based on my otherĀ friend who has Aspergers.

[Image: kaiju_believe__simon_frost_by_pencilord-da2pikx.png]
Simon Frost - Descendant of Jack Frost, he is Chase's best friend since kindergarten. He often has a habit of telling stories that no one seems to be interested in, but Simon has a secret power that no one has heard of. Simon was actually modeled after the Jack Frost portrayl in Rise of the Guardians but his personalities were taken from my older brother.

Tell me what you think.
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