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Shoot it Until it Dies
This one is about the new Doom so in case you want to avoid spoilers, go back now.

One of the game's trophies/achievements is called Shoot it Until it Dies, which you get after defeating the Cyber Demon at the end of the Lazarus Labs chapter.

Here's a picture of the trophy, for the hell of it. Pun intended.
[Image: 2Lb5e5fd.png]

This trophy is a reference to an old April Fool's joke created by Andrew "Linguica" Stine, co-founder of Doomworld. This prank has often been confused as a real thing and somehow people had gotten the idea it was from an old GamePro magazine. Here's Linguica pointing at the thing and telling it was made by him:

Check the original post in the April Fools link where they mention GamePro. It's also mentioned on Cyberdemon's Wikipedia page.

Here's the infamous "pro tip":
[Image: protip.jpg]

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