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Marvel Avengers Academy - Ant-Man's voice
In the game Marvel Avengers Academy for iOS and Android, the character Ant-Man was originally voiced by popular YouTube personality Toby Turner aka Tobuscus.

However, with the recent controversy over how Turner had allegedly sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriends, Ant-Man's dialogue was instantly replaced with another voice actor's.

Here are some tumblr posts reporting about the change.

One user also contacted the support team thanking them for the change in voice actors, with the support replying back to them saying "It seemed like the best thing to do for our players":

Also, looking at the reception by players on the change of voice actors on Twitter, the change seemed to have occurred possibly on April 11th, 2016.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any footage featuring Ant-Man talking both prior and after the change so if anyone here was able to find any and share it here, that would be much appreciated.

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