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Deus Ex Human Revolution - Japan hates dildos edition (NSFW obviously)

https://youtu.be/akf4CUTTDME?t=17m52s - Let's Play of a person who did QA for the game commenting on "Dildo Duty" for the japanese release of the game. Person is Matthew Kowalewski of Super Best Friends Play. Yes, Dildo Duty was apparently a real thing.
http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet...Id,346533/ - Matt's credits


In the sewers of Lower Hengsha, there is a breakable wall only accessible with the Punch Through Wall augment. Inside the room are several Nuke Virus Softwares, a Valve to turn off poisonous gas, and two dildos on a mattress next to a bottle of lube and box of tissues.

The two dildos caused the game to be delayed in Japan for about a month, as it was slated to be released in September, but was delayed until October, as the Japanese ratings board prohibits the depiction of sex objects in retail games. According to Matthew Kowalewski of the Super Best Friends Play youtube channel, who worked as a QA Tester during the time for Square Enix's Eidos Montreal, they had to go as far as to do "Dildo Duty", which involved manually searching the China levels for any potential remaining dildos that may have been left over.

In the Director's Cut version of the game, they are completely absent from the game for all regions.


I can't believe I did a trivia piece about dildos, yet here we are.

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