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So I apparently forgot to do this a while back when we first opened the server... Oops! Better late than never I suppose. I'm feeling lazy at the moment so I'm just going to copy/paste Dazz's post from tVGR and edit it where necessary:

We've decided to try out a new chat function with Discord. Discord is an interesting service - it's a text chat and a microphone chat application rolled into one. On top of that, it actually functions not only as a downloaded application, but as a service you can run within your browser. This mean that you can set up an account very quickly and get talking to us in your browser.

The microphone function is also great - similar to our mumble service, this will allow you guys to actually talk with one another audibly.

I'll expand on details, but you can join using this referral link:


There are a couple of rooms available at the moment, but we'll be expanding on them as we see them needed. You're welcome to invite other people to join the VGFacts server on Discord if you'd like, too.

Just signed up. I don't quite understand how this works just yet but I'm learning.

Do we need to download anything to use microphones? It looks like that from my end, but maybe I'm overlooking something.
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It should work in pretty much every browser on Windows. I know it doesn't work in Safari on Mac but it may in Chrome and Firefox. That said, you can install the application which works everywhere. The browser version is very functional but I much prefer the actual client.

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