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Death By Glamour is a remix of 3 songs.
I found out a day ago that Death By Glamour is a remix of 3 songs: Core, Metal Crusher, and It's Showtime. What made me want to do this trivia was when I first saw a YouTube comment on a video talking about it. Then I tested it out myself and noticed it was true.

Here is Death By Glamour

Here is Core

Here is Metal Crusher

And finally, here is It's Showtime

If you don't see how these 3 songs are remixed I'll explain: Death By Glamour uses the notes from Core and same rhythm but the sound is different. But the rhythm makes it sound similar to the song Core. In a part of Death By Glamour, it starts to play a faster version of Metal Crusher and the sounds in that part of Death By Glamour sounds a little like the sounds from Metal Crusher. Near the end of the Death by Glamour, the song plays are faster version of It's Showtime, making the sounds have a higher pitch than It's Showtime but still sounds similar to it.

Also all of the songs that were remixed into Death By Glamour are Mettaton's themes (or technically. Core isn't exactly one of Mettaton's theme but I'll explain after you finish reading this.)
  • Core - Core is where you fight Mettaton/Mettaton EX.
  • Metal Crusher - Mettaton's battle theme.
  • It's Showtime - When you first meet Mettaton.
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