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Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 - Sound Files
In Japan, "Air Combos" are referred to as "Aerial Raves". The sound file of the announcer saying "Aerial Rave!" is actually still in the files for the American version, but it goes unused due to the name change.

Air Combo Soundfile

Aerial Rave Soundfile

Another fun fact. The sound files for Storm's Typhoon attack are labelled with "tatumaki", after Tastumaki Senpyukaku, AKA the Hurricane Kick. While this move is done by doing the Hurricane Kick motion, it's is the only file in the game to named in such a way, as other moves done by this motion are named after the move itself.

Typhoon Soundfile 1

Typhoon Soundfile 2

Typhoon Soundfile 3

(note the names)
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