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AVGN Game Refrences
1. Game Over Screen

The message that shows when you get a Game Over is actually a quote taken from the AVGN's Friday the 13th review when the Nerd mocks the game's infamous game over line: "You and your friends are dead."

[Image: Am6m3x3.jpeg]
(skip to 0:49)

2. Majora's Mask Moon

The moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask appears in the background of the Assholevalnia level.

[Image: avgn_adventures_miiverse_community.jpg]
[Image: moon.jpg]

3. A Familiar Enemy

The design of the poop-spitting creatures found in the Thy Farts Consumed level are clearly based off of the Cacodemons from Doom.
[Image: avgn3.jpg]
[Image: 111jani111-2.png]

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