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Reveal Trailer Trivia -- Smash Bros.
During the Reveal Trailer for Roy, The see Roy do his taunt in front of the Spicy Curry item.

[Image: CHhcZsCUsAAQggs.png]

Now this may seem inconsequential, but this is actually a reference to an old Japan-only photo contest held when Melee came out. The winner of the contest, a picture titled "The Ultimate Curry", was a picture of Roy doing his taunt in front of the Curry food item.

[Image: CHhcXxLUcAAkDz8.jpg]

This connection was actually confirmed by Sakurai himself in a tweet.


In the trailer for Lucas, We see Lucas on the ground (wearing a Franklin badge), with the grayscale Lucas holding the Beam Sword standing over him. This is a reference to the final boss fight of Mother 3, where Spoiler: Lucas defeats the Masked Man (his brother Claus who wields a beam sword in this form) because he shoots lightning at Lucas, which the Franklin badge reflects. (Spoilers for Mother 3 contained in blackout).

(about a minute in)

(about 47 seconds in)

Also in Luca's Trailer, we see a scene in which Duck Hunt Dog, Lucas, and another Lucas in the Claus alt are together, and then Lucas walks towards Claus. This is a reference to the credits sequence of Mother 3, with DHD standing in for their dog Boney.

(Happens at about 36:22 in Mother 3 gameplay, and 1:20 in Smash trailer)

In Cloud's reveal trailer, we see him lying on the ground of Kalos Pokemon League, with Zelda and three Pikmin sitting over him. This is a reference to Final Fantasy 7, in which Cloud falls through the roof of a church (Kalos Pokemon League looks vaguely "churchy") and falls into Aerith's (Zelda here) Flower Bed (simulated with three Pikmin [Which all have flower tops] and Zelda holding Lip's Stick, a flower weapon).

(At 1:06)

Also in the trailer, they show Cloud using Omnislash. It constantly cuts between Ike and Cloud, and then Cloud using Omnislash on Ike. This is a reference to the final fight between Cloud and Sephiroth at the end of Final Fantasy 7. At 2:16 in trailer.

Also shown in the Cloud trailer is Cloud getting seasick (around 1:23). Cloud suffers from motion sickness.

Feel free to use that there too.

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