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RE0HD costumes
Just dumping this here for now. I'm waiting until the game is released, in case they decide to add more costumes. It would be strange if they left Billy with just one new outfit when Rebecca is getting tons.

Most of Rebecca's new unlockable outfits in the upcoming HD remaster of Resident Evil 0 are references to previous titles in the series.

Seen below a piece of an article on Famitsu. On the left is Rebecca's alternate STARS-outfit from Resident Evil Director's Cut's Arrange mode and on the right is the basketball uniform she is seen wearing in an easter egg photo in Resident Evil 2.
[Image: rebecc10.jpg]

Here Rebecca is wearing a special uniform that can be obtained by beating the new Wesker Mode. It is reminiscent of Jill Valentine's battlesuit from Resident Evil 5 (seen on the right), complete with the red mind control device on her chest.
[Image: latest?cb=20150930202734&path-prefix=es] [Image: Jill_valentine_battlesuit.png]

Then there are the three t-shirts designed by fans who won the In-Game T-Shirt Contest held by Capcom. The Stage 3 winner is a reference to Barry Burton's infamous line from the first Resident Evil game.
[Image: rebecc11.jpg]

Then there are the two pre-order outfits worn by both Rebecca and Billy. Rebecca's is her nurse outfit from Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D and Billy's is a reference to Cody Travers from Final Fight.
[Image: cll_pre_img01.jpg]

For digital pre-orders, early adopters are offered "Wolf Force" outfit for Billy and a cheerleader outfit for Rebecca.

Rebecca is clearly just wearing her alternate outfit from Deadly Silence, the DS port of the original game:
[Image: latest?cb=20141020130819]

Billy's was a lot harder to pinpoint but after a bit of searching through Capcom's previous releases, his outfit seems to be a reference to the original box art of Senjō no Ōkami II, which translates to Wolf of the Battlefield 2, released as Mercs outside of Japan. They changed the box art for the Western release but it is quite clearly an exact replica of the cover, complete with the weird scouter over his eye (he is even imitating the pose in the above video's thumbnail).
[Image: Z0085264.jpg]

According to latest footage, older versions of her regular outfit are now available.

Her appearance from the first game from 1996:
[Image: cost1.png]

The prototype outfit from the unreleased N64 version:
[Image: cost2.png]

Oh, and something I completely overlooked because it already was available in the GC and Wii versions of Zero, Rebecca's cowgirl costume from the 2002 Resident Evil remake:
[Image: reb_zps87s0vmyl.png]

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