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RyuKen's Bizarre Adventure: How JoJo influenced Street Fighter
There are four character in the SF series who are inspired by various characters from the long-running manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:

1.Lead designer of Street Fighter II, Akira Nishitani, stated in a interview with Polygon that the concept of Dhalsim's ability to stretch his limbs comes from the Ripple Zoom Punch technique.

Artwork of Dhalsim doing his thing:

[Image: SCwGHg4.jpg]

Dhalsim strechy arms in action:

Here is the original manga panel from JoJo's (read it from left from right) :

[Image: img000002.png]

Anime version of the zoom punch:

AND here is the interview from Polygon:
2. Rose from the Alpha series was inspired by Lisa Lisa: Rose's outfit is almost identical to Lisa Lisa's and both share a similar fighting style that consists of channeling energy into a scarf, both characters are also known for enjoying baths . In addition, Rose's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2 is Venice, which is the same city where Joseph Joestar meets Lisa Lisa in the story.

Lisa Lisa's introduction

Rose stage in alpha 2

Lisa Lisa fighting with her scarf for the first time

In this video by Capcom UK, they admit that Rose is inspired by Lisa Lisa:

Rose's Soul Drain move is inspired by a scene in Jojo where Lisa Lisa puts a breathing mask on Joseph Joestar.

Here's a comparison pic, taken from JoJo wiki:
[Image: Rose_Soul_Drain.jpg]

Soul Drain in action (start watching at 0:22)

The full scene of Lisa Lisa putting the breathing mask on Joseph can be seen on the previously mentioned "Lisa Lisa's introduction" (start watching at 1:56).

3. Juri Han from Street Fighter IV was inspired by Jolyne Kujo/Cujoh, aspects of Juri's design, such as her hair and chestwear, are resmincent of Jolyne. Along with this, Juri has a spider motif and cleaves a butterfly in her official artwork, while Jolyne has a butterfly motif and spiderweb-patterned clothes, her Stand also turns her body into threads and webs. Both characters also use the same "ora ora ora" battle cry.

Juri's official artwork:
[Image: 073efa539d559a38cce536d68ad4738634276c62_hq.jpg]

Juri's oraoraora:
Jolyne's stand in action:
Jolyne's ORA ORA ORA:

4. The fourth one is Guile, thought I don't think it needs to be here. That one has a different source other than this thread. But in short, he was inspired by both Polnareff and Stroheim, with his name coming from J. Geil.
I never thought I would make another entry on this thread almost six years after it was made. Now that I look back, I realize that this is one my most successful threads in terms of viewcount.

Here it is, the FIFTH character.

In Ultra Street Fighter IV, Decapre has a taunt that is identical to Muhammad Avdol's "Yes! I am!" pose. Character Action 10.

Decapre's taunt (start watching at 10:09):

A GIF of said taunt, taken from JoJo wiki.
[Image: Decapre_YES_I_AM.gif]

Muhammad Avdol:

EDIT: Why didn't I post this one sooner? I'm sure I already knew about this one years ago. Eh, maybe I just forgot about this trivia.

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