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Mafia: City of Lost Heaven Beta Finds
I was searching some Mafia sites and found some pretty interesting beta information, especially considering that I haven't been able to find a ton of Mafia 1-related beta information around the web.

The HUD was different. Also, in the final chapter, The Death of Art, Tommy wore his hat.
[Image: mafia_beta_1_zpsr5rnky73.jpg]

Another shot of the beta HUD, along with the beta speedometer.
[Image: mafia_beta_2_zpsks1w5tgw.jpg]

Paulie had a different appearance, along with a brown suit.
[Image: mafia_beta_3_zpsl6d460ox.jpg]

Another shot of beta Paulie.
[Image: mafia_beta_4_zps3f0ustbg.jpg]

Not exactly sure what's going on here, but it's obviously a beta Moonlighting.
[Image: mafia_beta_5_zpsydo1gpio.jpg]

The trams had a different appearance.
[Image: mafia_beta_6_zpsmi0m2bas.jpg]

It appears that the vehicles had a different reflection on them.
[Image: mafia_beta_7_zpsy8dcp5d2.jpg]

The Lassiter V16 Phaeton originally had a green paintjob.
[Image: mafia_beta_8_zps9amnhojl.jpg]

The Lassiter V16 Fordor had a red paintjob.
[Image: mafia_beta_10_zps8sxopvbw.jpg]

Salieri's Bar had some changes made to it.
[Image: mafia_beta_14_zps3vsnqf9n.jpg]

The enemy that uses the bathroom in Ordinary Routine originally was standing up and urinating.
[Image: mafia_beta_17_zpso1tsuyrb.jpg]

The Palmero Club had a very different appearance. Additionally, Tommy had a more stern look during normal gameplay.
[Image: mafia_beta_18_zpsw6fmeh6a.jpg]
[Image: mafia_beta_23_zpswy8x5w8u.jpg]

Tommy would have worn his Stevedore outfit in Election Campaign.
[Image: mafia_beta_22_zpsh4tpuupi.jpg]

Update 1:

Spoiler warning!
The compass was originally much different.
[Image: mafia_beta_26_zps5vsgnsbp.jpg]

The action button originally read "AB", instead of "!".
[Image: mafia_beta_25_zpsdnhaq6hn.jpg]

There was originally a casino in Free Ride.
[Image: mafia_beta_58_zpsrskhzwjm.jpg]

Early-alpha graphics, I presume. Even on low settings, the game doesn't look this rough.
[Image: mafia_beta_35_zpsxrhfttef.jpg]
[Image: mafia_beta_36_zpsnsn2mnuq.jpg]

I will try to update this with more information, and clear and correct some information up.
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