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Dying Light Easter Eggs
I'm currently on a playthrough of Dying Light with Patient Zero. While playing it, I'll be cataloguing any references we spot in this thread and using it as a source for trivia on the site. This thread will likely be updated several times.

A set of sticky notes found within the tower block headquaters read:
"1. Phase One
2. ????
3. Profit"

This is a reference to The Underpants Gnomes featured in Southpark, who have a plan of stealing underpants, then an unknown step, resulting in profit.
Several boxes of medicine can be found throughout the game with the name "Techlax" on them. This is a reference to the game's developer, Techland, combined with the name ex-lax, a popular brand of laxatives.
[Image: LXHJX6j.gif] The Divine Comedy - Our Mutual Friend [Image: LXHJX6j.gif]
On our friend's settee, she told me that she really liked me
And I said, "Cool... the feeling's mutual"
We played old 45's, and said it's like the soundtrack to our lives
And she said, "True, it's not unusual" - then privately we danced
We couldn't seem to keep our balance... A drunken haze had come upon us

We sank down to the floor, and we sang a song that I can't sing anymore
And then we kissed, and fell unconscious...
I woke up the next day, all alone but for a headache
I stumbled out to find the bathroom...
But all I found was her, wrapped around another lover
No longer then is he our mutual friend
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