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Heroes of The Storm Lt. Morales, Artanis, skins, and mounts! video
The Heroes of the Storm youtube just released a video which gave the medic hero her own name, Lt. Morales.

I'm going to be typing in the references in a bit, just making the thread first. Some of these are pretty obvious actually.

Now, if you pick up on one I didn't I'd appreciate the input.

0:15 Lt. Morales's second palette for her default skin is a Warcraft Alliance skin.
0:21 - Diablo archangels maybe? I don't recognize the symbol and didn't play 3.
0:30 - Lt. Morales's second palette for her master skin appears to be based off of Samus Aran's Varia suit from the Metroid series. [Image: latest?cb=20150702054122]
0:34 - Lt. Morales's third palette for her master skin appears to be based off of Arcee from Transformers. [Image: Animatedarcee.jpg]

0:38 - Apothecary Morales. Based around undead apothecaries from Warcraft.
I can't find any one character in particular that looks like this, but it is resembles one creature in particular.
Naxx flesh giants, which carried the plague on them with syringes, showing it was green.

1:18 Purifier Artanis palette 2 appears to be based off of Unit-02 from Evangelion.
[Image: latest?cb=20120207020239]
1:20 - Purifier Artanis palette 3 appears to be based off of Unit-01 from Evangelion.
[Image: latest?cb=20120207020239]

1:50, Bucaneer Falstad appears to be based off of the Hearthstone card Skycap'n Kragg. [Image: 22260.png]


I was hoping these would be their own posts for segmenting purposes. My bad. I figured this was appropriate to have all in one thread because they all draw from the first video.
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