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All Fun Facts from The Basement Collection
The Basement Collection has a few fun facts about the games it contains. Here is a list of all the facts found ingame. If you want to submit any of them as facts then go for it.

  • Aether was designed from start to finish in only 14 days.
  • Aether's development code name was C.O.G., it stood for Cognitive Overflow Galaxy. It was a horrible code name...
  • An Aether remake was considered for the Wii in 09 but switches with Super Meat Boy, due to Tyler's work on Closure for PS3.
  • A console version of Aether is planned but won't be in development till at least 2015.
  • According to Edmund, Aether is the 2nd best game in this collection!
  • Aether took home an IndiCade Award in 2009.
  • A poster for Aether can be seen on the arcade wall in The Binding of Isaac.
Time Fcuk
  • Time Fcuk had to have it's name changed to Time Cfuk on some websites because Fcuk was deemed too offensive.
  • Time Fcuk was inspired by Edmund's 10 year highschool reunion.
  • There is a connection between Time Fcuk and The Binding of Isaac that goes beyond Steven's cameo appearence.
  • Time Fcuk's development code name was Shadow.
  • Time Fcuk was the last game Edmund designed before making Super Meat Boy.
  • According to Edmund, Time Fcuk is the best game in this collection!
  • Time Fcuk took home a Mochi Award for most creative flash game of 2009.
  • A Time Fcuk poster can be found on an arcade wall in The Binding of Isaac.
  • Steven is featured as a secret boss in The Binding of Isaac.
  • The character Spewer comes from an unreleased comic Edmund made when he was 15 years old.
  • Spewer had a design iteration when he was called "The Human Bean", an armless and legless creature that defecated to project himself around.
  • Spewer's development code was Verlet Vomit.
  • According to Edmund, Spewer is the 3nd best game in this collection!
  • Spewer was inspired by a prototype called "Too Much Paint" that Eli designed early that year.
  • Spewer had enemies, but they were cut late in dev to finish the game on time.
  • An image of Spewer can be seen on the arcade wall in The Binding of Isaac.
  • AVGM was made in 5 hours for a 48 hours Global Game Jam in 2009.
  • AVGM is commentary on abusive tactics used in most social video games. (We hope this is obvious)
  • AVGM was removed from some flash portals due to the "blow up doll" item.
Grey Matter
  • Grey Matter is the 1st Team Meat game ever made!
  • Gray Matter's development code was The Brain.
  • Florian Himsl was the original programmer for Grey Matter, he was replaced by Tommy due to a bad case of chronic laziness.
Meat Boy
  • Meat Boy's code name was Vertigo.
  • Mear Boy's ending had to be censored on some flash portals because the owners were prudes.
  • Bandage Girl's original name was Bandaid Girl, it was changed in the console version to avoid a lawsuit.
  • Meat Boy is a boy without skin, this is a lot more apparent in this flash prototype.
  • Dr. Fetus wears a bowler hat in the flash prototype because his top hat made him too large.
  • That's not poop, it's a chocolate bar.
  • Meat Boy is featured as an NPC in The Binding of Isaac.
  • A poster for Meat Boy can be seen on the arcade wall in The Binding of Isaac.
  • Coil's development code name was Amore De Morte.
  • Coil originally had 8 phases. The initial mating phase was removed due to time constraints.
  • Coil was nominated for an IGF Award for innovation in game design in 2009.
  • A poster for Coil can be seen on the arcade wall in The Binding of Isaac.
  • The creature in Coil comes from an unreleased game from 2008 called Gish 2.
  • Coil is an origin story for Dr. Fetus*.
    *This incorrect fact was put in by Tyler. I wonder if Edmund will notice...
  • Triachnid was nominated for an IGF Award for best web game in 2008.
  • Triachnid's development code name was Spider... ugh...
  • Triachnid is featured as a secret boss in The Binding of Isaac.
  • A poster for Triachnid can be seen on the arcade wall in The Binding of Isaac.
  • A sequel to Tri was developed in 2008 but canceled because Florian needed to play Team Fortress.
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Where did you get this text from? You left an errata in it.
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They show up ingame whenever you exit one of the games but I used Free Flash decompiler to view them all. They are images so I had to type it all, no copy pasting.
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