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Heroes of The Storm Rexxar

I'm going to do these on separate threads because the main thread takes a while to load now.

When clicked on enough, Rexxar will make a number of references. This includes:

0:27 - I'm on a hunt, I'm after you.

Rexxar likes Duran Duran. 0:44 for the exact line in Hungry like the Wolf.

0:31 - Reference to World of Warcraft Hunters. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Hunter_loot

0:50 - callback to an old Warcraft 3 joke. 1:13

1:08 - "You kids these days, the mask isn't supposed to be a bat,its a wolf and a dark one at that,"
This is a reference to "The Dark Knight" batman.

1:28 - "When I'm out there defending Thunder Lord's Stronghold from Alliance filth, I can't be battling with hunger as well. That's why I start every day with a big bowl of meaties, the breakfast of champions of The Horde,".
A wheaties breakfast cereal reference.

All Rexxar playing Hearthstone, where he is a hunter class's hero.
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