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New Feature: Trending Games!
Hey everyone! Over the last week or so, Dazz and I have been discussing the status of our top games list (in the footer, if you've never noticed). That list is based on hit counts that the site has been tracking since launch and, while accurate overall, it doesn't necessarily reflect what's popular at the moment. So, we've just added the Trending Games list alongside it. It operates in exactly the same fashion except that the trending hits are cleared on the first of every month so that list should always reflect what's popular in the current month.

I'm  not sure about everyone else but I enjoy seeing how these trends pan out so I'm looking forward to watching this list evolve over time. I'm also hoping this makes the footer a bit more interesting/useful so enjoy!
I think this is a fantastic idea. I liked the idea of the top games list but I always though it was flawed since it was never going to change. How long has Pokemon X & Y been at the top? We add to the list all the time but it's mostly popular new games. With this list, we can start really seeing whats popular, with both old and new games.
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Pokemon has been up there for a while but not forever. It definitely has a significant lead on the rest though. I'd like to believe that it can be overtaken when its popularity dies down so I don't think the top games is entirely useless but yeah, this definitely gives a much more realistic view of what's currently popular.

Also, I meant to post this in the News section but stuck it in Site Discussion by mistake so I also moved it.
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