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Kingdom Hearts 1 newly found Beta info

There's the main link where all of these images come from.

Originally, Kingdom Hearts was known as "Kingdom of Hearts", and what we can see is that this game appears to be rather deep into development, possible a late alpha or a beta of sorts, alot of final concept art appears in the design document, including some rather...interesting cut content.

First off is the biggest one, there was going to be a Toy Story world.

[Image: gallery_45323_1269_62665.jpg]
Look on the right page at the far right, the world icon depicts what appears to be Andy's house on top of a rocket from the show's pizza place, with Al's toy barn on the bottom. And considering how this was made alongside other completed icons, this world might have actually been deep into development before it was axed!

Also, look in the center of those three icons, look familiar?

[Image: gallery_45323_1269_254166.jpg]
Is it possible that we were able to return to Destiny Islands? What's odd about this concept art is that it appears to also be a sort of Tarzan-ish level, and there are many different things about this concept art that make it a relatively odd piece of Kingdom Hearts' beta. There appears to be all sorts of things happening in this icon, we see a young kid holding a spear, many yellow tapes circling the island that can apparently be slid on like in Tarzan's world. Another thing to note is that in the design document, we see the final versions of Destiny Island we also see in the game, so what is this strange worlds story?

Here's another thing, some unused Heartless designs!
[Image: gallery_45323_1269_28262.jpg]

Finally, as a last second thing, Sora was gonna wear clothes similar to Tarzan in his world.
[Image: gallery_45323_1269_41334.png]

So, watcha think? Do you think they cut out some pretty sweet concepts or what? I still support the idea of a Toy Story world.
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