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Happy Easter !
Happy Easter one and all !
What are you all up to this weekend to celebrate, or what are you up to even if you don't celebrate ? :D

Here's a song I concocted on this Garage Band thing just for you folk, to get you into the paschal cheer !

[Image: MFfSlaB.png]

"Jeopardy has way too many questions on European Royal History." - Arjahn, 03/2018 
We had two Easter egg hunts and my pops had family over for a cookout. Then, we all played Cranium. Good day.
Tomorrow, we are going to an Easter drama my sister-in-law invited us to and afterwards I guess I'll finish putting the a/c compressor on my truck. 
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Easter is a week from now according to this countries calander. BAH! You guys get to do the fun stuff!

Happy egg hunting regardless! :)
Man, all the shops are closed I think.

I need to get some Yorkshire Puddings.
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I've spent the whole easter sitting on my computer doing this retarded essay on leadership. Something I should actually be doing right now. Worst Easter ever.

Have some bunnies though.
My grandparents are here. Its kinda awkward so I might be active today.
Thanks for diabetes, Jesus.
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(04-05-2015, 12:03 PM)BumblebeeCody Wrote: Thanks for diabetes, Jesus.
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