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Nus from Chrono Trigger and BeachBums from Chrono Cross

From that link:


The blue-tinged skin, the floppy arms, the rotund body, and the lackadaisical frown all bear a striking resemble to Nus, Fiends encountered in prequel, Chrono Trigger. Unlike the BeachBums, however, the Nu speaks coherently, is trusted enough to run shops in Kajar and Last Village, and serves as the guardian of the North Palace Ruins. Interestingly, the items sold by Nus are typically healing items; items stolen from or dropped by BeachBums are exclusively healing items as well.
Additional theories stem from the BeachBum inhabiting the chamber beneath Belthasar's desk in the Viper Manor library. In Chrono Trigger, the Guru of Reason, Belthasar, built Epoch and stored it in a futuristic dome. He died several years before Crono investigates Keeper's Dome to retrieve the Epoch and finds a robotic Nu guarding the vessel. After Crono and his friends alter the timeline, Belthasar ends up in Termina. In a secret chamber beneath the sage's desk resides a BeachBum guarding the remains of what is clearly the Epoch, assisting the idea that BeachBums and Nus are variations of the same creature.

Does this sound good to anyone else?
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