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Dragon Ball Xenoverse General Thread

Custom Character Male Voice 8 is voiced by the same person who voices Nappa in the abridged series of Dragon Ball Z.

For reference,

Gonna make this a mega thread for the game.

This is Yakon.
[Image: latest?cb=20131215054801]
Spoilers in spoilers box.
I don't know maybe its just me, but there's a resemblance here.
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A good amount of Xenoverse's "new characters" are actually from Dragon Ball Online, a now defunct Korean and Chinese MMO.


This includes the reason why there is a female in the majin race.

When Nappa fights SSJ4 Vegeta in the game's versus mode, he remarks as if Vegeta were a normal super saiyan. Note, "

XenoVerse is the fifthteen Dragon Ball game to be released since Budokai. XV, being the acronym for Xenoverse is 15 in roman numerals. Budokai and Xenoverse were both developed by Dimps.
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Already submitted the Nappa bit, gonna wait on the rest when the game's on the site.
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Goddamn, I thought you were talking about our very own Ghost Nappa.
[Image: MFfSlaB.png]

"Jeopardy has way too many questions on European Royal History." - Arjahn, 03/2018 
Nah, just his namesake.

Cell uses the term Frost Demons to refer to those of Freeza's race. This is a term that originated in Dragon Ball Multiverse.
Cell: I have all the data I need on the Frost Demons. I have no interest in you.

[Image: latest?cb=20141014211533]
This is Yamcha's pose when he uses "fake dead".
[Image: 800px-Yamcha_found_dead.jpg]
Its the same pose as when he is killed by a saibaman in the beginning of Dragonball Z.
[Image: B-77d0lXAAAvc2a.jpg:large]
The same applies for the "play dead" emote.
(I might have the names wrong).

Despite the move coming from Salza, Jeice is capable of using Salza's Salza Blade under the name "Sauzer Blade".


Here's an image gallery of most if not all of the outfits in Xenoverse. This includes Arale's hat and "poop stick" from Dr. Slump. I'm not joking.

[Image: 63A48A07D7E56DB8E6E5C77DE6E56CDD9958F8B4]
[Image: F8ADBDA75F82F2045B3023CED6CF2A2C0A127F88]

As far as I can tell, most of the costumes are straight out of the series, but the namekian, frieza race, and majin race exclusive costumes appear to be unique. Frieza race does have some of Frieza's clothes though.
If anyone doesn't mind going through there and seeing if the unique ones are a reference to something, you get full credit in my book.
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The Full Super Power! achievement is earned for collecting all ultimate attacks.
The Full Ultimate Power! achievement is earned for collecting all super attacks.

Think that qualifies?
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Though not strictly Xenoverse, this could go under the series as a whole.

Mr. Satan/Hercule never used a jetpack in the show. Yet, he is depicted with on in Super Battle, Budokai 1-3, Tenkaichi 1-3, Legacy of Goku 2, Supersonic Warriors 2, and Xenoverse.

Also, would a reference to the gameboy in the series itself be trivia worthy?

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Asking for opinions on those last two.
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Vegeta calls Super Saiyan 4 Goku Super Saiyan 2 in one of his opening comments for 1v1.

and 1:40

Fusions confuse Broly.

Despite not being available through normal play, Mira has intro comments for the versus mode.

As stated in the description of the video, Demigra's quote comes from him appearing in parallel quests via the mod that allowed the creator of this video to have Demigra and Mira playable.
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As it turns out, I now know the reason Mira has dialogue outside of the story, the only place he appears in during the game. He's being included in dlc pack 2.
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It just seems to be a general thing for the characters to refer to SSJ4 characters like they're a normal super saiyan.
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I can't get a good recording of it, but when my female saiyan uses super ghost kamikaze attack, she says "I ain't afraid of no ghosts", a reference to The GhostBusters.

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Does "Fight Night Finish with Ghosts" mean anything to anyone?
That is what Gotenks says when he uses his ultimate version of super ghost kamikaze attack.

It sounds like a Five Nights at Freddy's reference to me, but I haven't played that so I can't be certain.
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Mira and Towa were included in DLC 2 like was suspected. How should it be treated that Mira has lines in the base game for fights he could not fight at the time?
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