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Fallout New Vegas Low Intelligence Easter Egg

If you are playing as a character with low intelligence, and speak to the vagrant in freeside, using your intelligence to inquire about weapons and other precious loot, he will speak in an eloquent and well spoken manner explaining to you just that, a means to go about it, and a caution to avoid his current predicament.

Trivia worthy?

According to Reddit, its a reference to this guy from Fallout 2, Torr.
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^ conversations taken from this album. http://imgur.com/a/0sas0#IiXdciD < Spoilerific, also funny and has some forest gump in there too if anyone wants to grab that.
I'd imagine this could be considered a reference. Does the vagrant speak vastly differently with a high intelligence?
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No longer then is he our mutual friend
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Pretty much.

Quote:I Could Make You Care: When the Courier needs to ask around Freeside about a rangefinder, dialogue with him is possible. The Courier can pay him for the information, threaten him (Strength 7 needed) or if they have low Intelligence there is special dialogue line which makes him talk like an intellectual person (similar to Torr from Fallout 2).
That's only for the quest itself. Otherwise, "If the Courier tries to talk to him, he'll just laugh and cough."
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