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Majora's Mask map error (N64)
When you/Link plays the Song of Soaring, the map of Termina comes up. On the N64 version, "Woodfall" is displayed where "Southern Swamp" should be and vice versa. Choosing "Woodfall" and "Southern Swamp" will send you the correct destination by name.
The Southern Swamp is located almost directly south of Clocktown and you must travel east to make it to the Deku Palace, the Old Hags Potion Shop and Woodfall.
On the N64 version map, the locations used after the Song of Soaring has the Southern Swamp east of these locations.
This was corrected in the 3DS remake/remaster.
Sorry for the low quality of the pics. They were taken on my phone at home and uploaded then to postimg.org.
[Image: 20150221_163916.jpg?noCache=1424554785]

[Image: 20150221_163909.jpg?noCache=1424554950]

[Image: 20150221_163818.jpg?noCache=1424555025]
I noticed this the last time I played the game.
I noticed it back in 2000. It has always bugged me. I was surprised it hasn't been submitted as trivia.
Here's another glitch that I found while browsing Youtube. It always reminds me of this.
Yeah, I've watched a few episodes from that channel.

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