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A Link to the Past - after beating the game with the walk through wall glitch
After performing a "walk through the wall" glitch and walking straight up between rooms to the Triforce, Link gains the Triforce and the credits roll. Afterwards, resetting the game and starting the file that was just used with the glitch, Link will will start on top of the pyramid in the Dark World, but if the player does not possess the Moon Pearl, Link is a bunny. Since the player cannot pickup objects, attack, etc, there is no way to a warp portal and the only way to revert back to human Link is by dying, in which the bunny turns into Link and when the game is continued, the player is given the option screen for one of three starting points in the Light World (available options depending on progress made in the game).
Note: I recorded a video of this and will post it to Youtube. I didn't find a video on YouTube, but when I get mine uploaded, I'll post it in this thread, and then submit it as trivia. CosmyktheDolfyn has trivia about the glitch, I'm just providing some extra, unexpected results of the said glitch.
[Image: I1XHd2G.jpg]
[Image: t4Ox2aX.jpg][Image: FVsjqh3.jpg][Image: dLf2shK.jpg][Image: zJb6tFK.jpg]
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This gives a good idea of some of those glitches:
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Man were old-school games ever a lot buggier than newer ones, thank god console games can now be patched at this point, bugs should be a thing of the past.

Key word being should...

Very informative video, but do these all really qualify as trivia? Maybe we should just include the ones that actually do notable things instead of just corrupting temporary data...
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