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Earliest UK English Localisation?
I suppose that this is allowed here since it is not a dispute or a submission but it is something that I am wondering.

Right there are some facts that we know like the first micro-processor game or the most expensive game to make but there is one that isn't much talked about.

I actually wonder what was the first localised into British English game? I don't mean the first game to use British English since that would be an early Spectrum game but the first game made from Japan or America and localised into British/Australian/New Zealand English. Basically spellings like colour, favourite, mum, tyre, customise, etc. It's just that it is not often that developers localise and just kept to the American spellings of games (even some modern games are guilty like Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 even though ironically it is developed in England), it's only been more recently that it has become more common even Nintendo for the past couple of years started localising for cultural reasons [a Mario Party game and Scribblenauts on the Wii U were recalled].

I know many of the PS1 games are in UK English and localised like Gran Turismo 1 & 2 [2 even has Vauxhall while in Japan/US/Europe it is Opel] and games onwards but there's not many before the mid-90s.

The earliest game that I know that got localised was Soleil on the Mega Drive in 1994 (aka Crusader of Centy) and that is my gut feeling but I'm not entirely sure if there are any that are earlier. The best bet would have been RPGs but Soleil was one of the earliest RPGs from Japan to be released in Europe along with Mystic Quest on the Game Boy and Mystic Quest Legend on the SNES [doubt they were localised apart from a changed title screen to remove the Final Fantasy brand since I haven't seen anyone mention any changes in script from the American version] so hmmm....
That would be pretty hard to track down. I have a suspicion it might be a Soccer/Football game, just because that's something that would absolutely need to be changed for it to make sense when localized.

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