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Amiibo's Hidden Power?
Wow, it seems amiibo's are more powerful than we thought...
It seems the Samus Aran amiibo can open Metro train gates in Moscow.
Here is the video which supposedly proves it.
What do you guys think? Fake or not?
I'd say it looks pretty legit. I just feel sorry for Samus having all of those train ride bills on her back.

In all seriousness, we should wait for this story to develop. It's likely that this will be fixed, or we'll find it causes issues with the data on the NFC in the Amiibo
Holy Cow! 2 Samus amiibo related Trivia already! We need more trivia about amiibo!
This begs the question though. Should Amiibo count as its own category? They can be used with a multitude of different games and these little stints don't really have anything to do with Smash or the Wii U.
If they expand considerably, we'll put them under Nintendo trivia.
An update to the story.

The bus terminal and the Samus amiibo both use NFC, it interferes with the Bus terminal, so when it's scanned it turns green for a second, and the turns red, meaning the gate is opening then closing quickly. You try and beat the gate, but your arm would probably break. There is another video on a guy scanning a metro card with the Gamepad. It recognizes as an NFC device, but rejects it.
It's widely known that both would use NFC - NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Most systems like this use it - many phones include this technology, and bank cards.

The fact was that they use the same frequency. I'd imagine the error comes about when the "data" that's stored on the chip is incompatible. For example, it attempts to write to the metro system that the User ID of the card has entered. The Samus amiibo obviously has no User ID that is in the Metro system, so the system rejects the call. It goes green because it figures "well it interacted so it works" but then gets a call back saying "close it".

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