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Bloody Roar 3/Extreme/Primal Fury
Bloody Roar 3 was released on the PS2 in 2001. The an enhanced port was released for the Gamecube and Xbox 2002 and 2003, respectively. This port featured enhanced visuals, and different music on some stages, along with a new plot (it was a sidestory between 3 and 4) In Japan, the game is known as Bloody Roar: Extreme. In America, the Gamecube version's name was changed to Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, however, the Xbox version retained the title in all regions. The American Gamecube version also lost a character featured in the Japanese versions, and the Amercian Xbox version. This character is Fang the Wolf.Although he actually a costume for Yugo, he has several of his own moves, making him a semi-clone.

[Image: 15788_front.jpg]
(American Xbox Boxart)

[Image: 15784_front.jpg]
(Japanese Gamecube Box)

[Image: BRPFNAfront.jpg]
(American Gamecube box)

Another piece of trivia is regarding the character Golan Draphan. His nickname (Ganesha) and the animal he turns into (an elepant) are both based on the Hindu God of the same name, Ganesha, who is commonly depicted with having the head of an elephant.

[Image: Lord-Ganesha-White-Background.jpg]

[Image: 300px-GaneshaAnimalBRX.jpg]
The North American Gamecube version (Primal Fury) was actually the first version made and released of Bloody Roar: Extreme. It was also rushed to market and as such contains unused features that would later be added into the Japanese version, and the port to Xbox.

As mentioned Fang was cut from PF, however he is fully functional and exists on the game disc. There is no flag or method of unlocking him in PF's code.

There is an unused string related to displaying the game in Progressive Scan in PF. This goes unused as the feature did not have time to be implemented. It was used in all versions of Extreme.

Progressive Scan, like Fang, is fully functional, but there is no way to activate it in PF (without the use of a cheating device).

The announcer in the Xbox, and Japanese Gamecube version is different than the one featured in the North American Gamecube version.

In PF, the announcer is Paul Eiding (who also voiced the character Gado). In all other versions the announcer is someone else (whom sadly I cannot find the name of, since Extreme does not credit the voice actors). 

(Extreme, JP Gamecube)

(Extreme, Xbox. Notice the same announcer as JP Gamecube)

(Primal Fury, Notice the different announcer)

In Primal Fury, the endings and intro cutscene are handrawn animation. In Extreme, this was changed to 3D CG animation.

Note this change ONLY applies to the Xbox version. The Japanese Gamecube version of Extreme also features handdrawn endings (skip to 12:50 in the above linked gameplay footage of GC Extreme).

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