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The Shameless Self Promotion Thread 2 (READ THE RULES!)
I donated to this Kickstarter campaign and had my character animated to this adaption of a well known YouTube/Newgrounds series, "TOME". Here's me doing a playthrough of the demo as well as some short clips of my characters' animation completed.

Hope you enjoy.

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The match that made me Saiyan rank.
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My friends' twitter group got a sponsorship deal with an esports team that if they can get together enough money the team would wear a (hilariously terrible) esports jersey designed by the group. So they're currently doing a 24-Hour fundraiser livestream to see how much money they can raise for it.

I don't have the money to donate so I'm doing my part by sharing the stream around.
If your interested, check it out:
EDIT: The stream has ended. Was going since 5 yesterday.

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