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Star Wars Rogue Leaders Wii
Factor 5 were developing a new Rogue Squadron game as was recently revealed by the company's President Julian Eggebrecht on IGN.


The game was at first being developed for the original Xbox and was a Rogue Squadron trilogy title, and would've included online multiplayer. This was however canceled due to new management at LucasArts.

Later the project resurfaced as a Wii title called Star Wars: Rogue Leaders - Rogue Squadron Wii. The game featured reworked levels from Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike and ran on an updated engine used for Lair running at 60 frames-per-second. To pilot ships, the game would've made use of the Wii wheel to pilot ships with the Wii balance board for the pedals. The game would've also featured a 1:1 lighsaber duelling mode with 20 characters to choose from with utilization of force powers. The mode would've also made use of the Wii Motion Plus. The game was canceled again in 2008 due to the financial crisis.

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