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Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward References
So I've recently been addicted to Zero Escape on my Vita and I noticed it references certain things like Metal Gear and Dragon Ball Z.

In the recreation room when examining the billboard poster Sigma will say "What's this supposed to be a picture of?"to which Alice replies "They're those balls from that kid's show, right? If you collect seven of them then you get a wish." The show she mentions is clearly Dragon Ball.

Here are screenshots I took as proof:
[Image: F05Hkr1.jpg]
[Image: bxmLwgh.jpg]

In the control room when you examine the cardboard boxes Luna will just say they contain machinery. Now I don't what triggers this dialogue but it seems that I triggered each time I went on Easy and examined the boxes again, Phi will say that "Hmm... Maybe we can use one of those boxes to sneak past guards." which is clearly a nod to the famous cardboard box item in Metal Gear Solid series.

[Image: FrB9ybd.jpg]
 [Image: Solid_Snake99.png]

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Nice finds!
[Image: LXHJX6j.gif] The Divine Comedy - Our Mutual Friend [Image: LXHJX6j.gif]
On our friend's settee, she told me that she really liked me
And I said, "Cool... the feeling's mutual"
We played old 45's, and said it's like the soundtrack to our lives
And she said, "True, it's not unusual" - then privately we danced
We couldn't seem to keep our balance... A drunken haze had come upon us

We sank down to the floor, and we sang a song that I can't sing anymore
And then we kissed, and fell unconscious...
I woke up the next day, all alone but for a headache
I stumbled out to find the bathroom...
But all I found was her, wrapped around another lover
No longer then is he our mutual friend

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