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Red Coin on Super Mario World
I was playing Super Mario World a few days ago and I decided to search for cheat codes. So when I began using the search engine, after some time I noticed that this could appear with a cheat:
[Image: untitl15.png]

When I collected it, I gave the value of 5 coins versus the regular yellow coin (image taken after collecting the red coin from the previous image):
[Image: untitl15.png]

I do know that there are red coins on Super Yoshi Island games, but I never noticed about the red coin being on Super Mario World. Any suggestion why developers removed the coin from Super Mario World?
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Apparently, they were worth 5 coins that floated around like a P-Balloon.

They were likely redundant, as coins could be placed in the air easily, and 5 coins isn't worth trying to get it, despite how much it stands out.
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