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GTA V Unused Findings [Possible Spoilers]
For a while now, people have been finding unused stuff in GTA V's files, but I don't have a source for a lot of it, so I'll dump it here for right now.

Franklin has a ballistic mask like Michael and Trevor use in the Paleto Score, but it goes unused. Does this mean that Franklin was originally supposed to go into the bank along with Michael and Trevor?
[Image: 0_0.jpg]

Michael has an unused LSPD uniform alongside his highway patrol uniform. It also comes with a hat meaning that Michael was originally able to wear hats.
[Image: 0_0.jpg]

A unused baseball cap for Michael:
[Image: aEtjv8B.jpg]

There is an unused firefighter outfit for Trevor, hinting that he could've been involved in the Bureau Raid.
[Image: 0_0.jpg]

Michael has an unused taxi location saying for North Yankton. Why would it be used? Was North Yankton originally available to visit or did they simply put it there to test the taxis? Jump to 5:14.

An early GTA Online logo can be found in the files:
[Image: VGaxBdO.png]

That's all I've found right now, but I know there's a lot more, so I'll be back.
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